Have You Confidence in Your Ability to Find a Commercial Finance Advisor?

It’s nothing new to consider looking on the internet to source a potential source of finance for a significant property purchase or business cash injection. Once upon a time the limit of our usage was buying a DVD or book but not now. Service driven industries are moving at the speed of light towards ‘online’ communication only, but how important is face to face contact for your business? Do you like call centres or endless form filling on the internet with more and more passwords and unique usernames? All these hurdles before you can ask a question or get a simple answer to a simple issue!

So many companies forget the old fashioned approach of ‘getting to know your client’ and ‘finding out what the client wants’; they choose to operate in what they believe is a more cost effective and efficient manner for them….but what about you? When looking to make a key strategic decision on how best to fund or raise funds for your business or for a personal investment purchase wouldn’t it be natural to want to speak to someone and to meet them face to face?

Our carefully chosen commercial finance partners are not opposed to the use of modern IT having embraced technology some time ago. The difference they say is “that IT supports us so we can support your clients and not the other way around. So even with online communication we don’t lose the personal communication we have with our clients.”

Although online communication is beneficial for all businesses looking to target a wide audience for a general purpose, with each finance application being unique, an individual approach to assessing your clients’ financials and business plan can ensure your clients get the right deal for their business.

A potential client may find us on the internet but the ethos is to always have an initial meeting or conversation with a client so that they can fully understand and appreciate their proposal.

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